Christian DesLauriers is a highly experienced attorney specializing in international criminal defense and human rights law, Aboriginal as well as criminal law. In addition, he has been successful in acquitting several high-profile clients, including a member of the Canadian Senate, and players of the Ottawa University hockey team who were accused of sexual assault in an era of #MeToo. He has also worked internationally and represented clients before the International Tribunal for Rwanda and the Committee Against Torture of the United Nations.

Christian Deslauriers - Ottawa, Ontario – Criminal Law Attorney and Entrepeneur
Christian DesLauriers - Ottawa, Ontario - Law practice

In addition to his thriving and highly successful law practice, Christian DesLauriers is also an experienced entrepreneur. More specifically, he is the Founder of LUBI, which is currently in the process of developing an app which will eliminate line-ups through technology. Additionally, he owns a Clansey’s, a bar and restaurant in Rossland, British Columbia, and is the manager and producer for Diana Roze, an up and coming singer.

In summary, Christian DesLauriers is:

  • A dedicated volunteer and participant in his community
  • An attorney with degrees in both civil as well as common law
  • A loving husband and father of three children
  • A dynamic entrepreneur, with several successful business ventures

Christian gives back to the community

Christian DesLauriers believes in the importance of giving back to his community. He currently acts as the team captain for Tremblant 24h — a fundraiser for sick children. Furthermore, he believes that every attorney and entrepreneur has a responsibility to take leadership positions with local and national charitable organizations.

Christian DesLauriers - Ottawa, Ontario- Gives back to the community
The Law Society of Upper Canada


Christian DesLauriers is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as the Quebec Bar. He is a fully bilingual lawyer, able to practice law in both languages and in the civil and common law.

Université Laval

Christian graduated from Laval University in 2000 with a degree in civil law.


He also graduated from University of Ottawa in 2003 with a Juris Doctor degree.

Why work with Christian DesLauriers?

Christian offers a unique skill set to his clients. With almost 19 years’ experience in the practice
of law, Christian has made a name for himself as a respected lawyer and now — an

Christian also writes extensively on several topics. Check out his work, here.

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