Christian DesLauriers - Ottawa, Ontario - 5 Things to Know Before You Start Skiing

5 Things to Know Before You Start Skiing

The day has arrived. You are planning your first ski trip. The first thing that you probably realized is that skiing is much more complicated than just hurling yourself down a mountainside on skis. It involves a world of equipment, terminology, and planning before you can enjoy the alpine slopes. Don’t let that stop you though. Skiing can be extremely fun and satisfying. In this post, Christian Deslauriers provides you with the five things which you need to know before you start skiing.

1. Ski passes can be a good deal

The first shock for most first-time skiers is the price of the entire endeavor. With lodging, equipment rentals, and lift passes, along with all other incidentals, the costs really add up. Shopping around for a good deal can save you money. Many lodges and hotels offer combination deals that may bundle lift, pass, rental, or lodging costs. It is worthwhile to shop around. Further, great deals can be found online via travel sites. Shop with your fun in mind and save some money for the lodge after the slopes!

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