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Christian DesLauriers is a highly successful Criminal Law attorney and entrepreneur. A founder of DesLauriers Lemieux based on Ottawa, Ontario, he specializes in criminal law, Aboriginal law, international criminal defence and extradition proceedings.

Christian has almost 19 years’ experience practicing law. He was called to the Quebec bar in
2000 after completing his degree in civil law from Laval University in Quebec City. Christian
completed his articles with the Office of the Prosecutor of International Criminal Tribunal for the former
Yugoslavia in 2000 – 2001. He also completed his second law degree in common law at
The University of Ottawa in 2003 and was admitted to the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2004.
He is fully bilingual and provides legal services in both civil and common law.

He later went on to be the youngest lawyer to argue in front of the Supreme Court of Canada, at
age 29. He has successfully advocated for clients at the United National level, and has
represented several high-profile clients, including a member of the Senate of Canada and the
Ottawa University hockey team. He has represented clients in over 57 different courthouses, in
front of the International Tribunal for Rwanda and the Committee Against Torture of the United Nations.

He is a tireless advocate and enjoys representing clients in cases against large corporations
and the government.

In addition to practicing law, Christian loves to ski and spend time with his wife and three
children. He also practices Traditional Japanese Karate and is working toward reaching Black
belt level. He is currently the team captain for the Tremblant 24h, which is a fundraiser for sick

Christian is also a seasoned entrepreneur, partnering in five extremely diverse and successful
businesses. He is the owner and founder of LUBI, which is currently in the process of
developing an app to integrate all point of sale platforms to a singular platform that will eliminate
the need to download individual merchant apps and simplify the consumer experience. The
overall objective of the app is, according to Christian, to eliminate lineups through technology.
The app has been in development for four years and will soon be launched. Christian is also a
partner in Cyrcle, another online payment platform.

Additionally, he owns Clansey’s, a bar and restaurant located in Rossland, British Columbia
which opened in December 2018. He also acts as a manager and producer for Diana Roze,
who is an up and coming singer due to release her first single and video in early 2019.

Christian is exceptionally talented and motivated and credits his business partners and family
for his success. He relies on a combination of his unique skills and expertise and persistence to
propel him forward in his business ventures. Having accomplished so much at a young age, he
has positioned himself for long-term success through his many partnerships. He looks forward
to continuing to expand the DesLauriers Lemieux team and to further success as an

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